Exterior Hard Surface Cleaning and Sanitizing (including Coronavirus – COVID-19)

Exterior Hard Surface Cleaning and Sanitizing (including Coronavirus – COVID-19)

Outdoor playgrounds are a great way for children to play, learn and make new friends. We are fortunate in the Chicago area to have access to some great parks and recreational areas. But how often are they getting cleaned?

Recent studies conducted by the Journal of Environmental Health, have come to the determination that as much as 44% of a playground’s surfaces tested positive for contaminants such as feces, urine, mucus, saliva and other bloodborne pathogens. Surprisingly enough, the same tests conducted found that only 25% of public restrooms contained the same contaminants.

Chances are; if a playground is teeming with children, it’s also teeming with germs. After all, before they touch play equipment (and one another), kids have been known to sneeze into their hands and wipe their noses with their hands. Handwashing after using the bathroom may prove too time-consuming to a child who wants to get back to having fun.

Here at Northern we take the task of cleaning and sanitizing exterior surfaces seriously and want to provide a sanitary environment for all members of the public. We want to help create safe environments where your children can play safely without being exposed to harmful contaminants.

Exterior Hard Surface Cleaning and Sanitizing Applications

Playground equipment is often a substantial investment. Keeping it properly cleaned and maintained will add years of function and endless hours of safe entertainment to children of all ages.

Not just playground equipment!

More areas then you can think of are harboouring dangerous pathogens and can be easily cleaned using our soft wash process, which allows for quick and effective sanitization of all sorts of hard surfaces:

  • Shopping Carts
  • Water Parks
  • Stairwells and Railings
  • Benches
  • Outdoor Seating and Tables
Exterior Hard Surface Cleaning and Sanitizing (including Coronavirus – COVID-19)

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